The Detox Room

Holistic Health and Detox

Our success lies in the understanding that a great detox only happens through movement and cleansing. Of course, pleople at a certain age and with certain lifestyles will have more difficulties doing a good detox. Because of these issues, we have incorporated into our office 3 pieces of equipment that we offer for your personal use, to aid and extend your detoxing schedule: A foot bath detox equipment, a vibration plate equipment, and a spinal aligment equipment.



Read our Testimonials on how we help people achieve health balance through education and direct bodywork using the natural detox and regeneration processes of the body.
By appointment, we’ll be showing the “Detox Room” as we like to call it, and give you a tour, not only of the equipments, but also of herbs, supplements, in addition to a lot of information about natural methods to detox.
  • Treatments and Services are provided by appointment only.
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