Health coaching

Health Coaching techniques can help to:

  • gain control over your own health
  • get a clear understanding of how to be emotionally positive and productive in your life
  • generate the will and power to achieve your aims
  • strengthen the healthy habits you want to develop

A good holistic health coaching system is at the same time a Self-healing System that takes into account the many dimensions of human reality: mind, body and emotions. It also emphasizes the importance of having heart-felt questions in order to get real answers. A coaching system is for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, health, and achieve their aims.

Health Coaching Sessions are designed to help implement the changes that are needed, teaching in the process how regeneration works in terms of the healing process that is required in the moment and providing services which I consider tools for health recovery, tools such as water therapy, shiatsu therapy, dietary suggestions, and physical exercises you can use to help regeneration, to work with your situation in the NOW. This is in my experience a very practical way to help the work of my clients regarding improving their health.

I recommend you get also a second opinion if you consider it convenient about doing a health coach program.

My personal advice always:

  • BE SURE TO DECIDE HAVING OPTIONS IN YOUR TABLE: If you have only ONE OPTION, then you don't really have a choice. Search for options, options come with information.
  • When trying to have different opinions for your health, be sure that you consult no just "another therapist or doctor" but rather try to get a different opinion from different schools, from different roots. What do I mean? All the options coming from the Occidental School of Medicine will have the same base of working with the same approach which is the work with the sympthom itself. Instead, other options, coming from western schools, will be focused on dealing with the Cause of the Symphtoms, and for sure, if you are really looking forward to solving the cause, this last might be for you the way to go, and It might demand -and usually it does demand- a lot more work from your end, but considering the fact that is your health, you are the one that has to make the fist decision on how much you are willing to work for it.

What can I offer you?

My consultation service will provide you with at least 3 to 5 natural ways to deal with your concerns from an alternative and natural health approach. A Self-healing System Program will be designed for you, helping health balance, celular regeneration, helping with weight loss, boosting your immunity system and energy levels in just few days depending on how long you have been experiencing the reoccurance of symphtoms. We can surely say that a holistic consultation is design to help you cut this reocurrance, for you to have real health independence.

What my clients say about my service?

If you want to know me better, I invite you to join me in a free seminar about holistic health. You are welcome to bring your questions. No obligations! I'm happy to help.

On the other hand...

There was a time before Linkedin... for that, you can read both, my testimonials page for collected testimonials from my clients over time (+25 years of working with health. +15 years working in the local community), or my Linkedin recommendations (the word of the client as real as it can be).


Discounts available for sessions purchased in advance: